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Novelty! The Spanish language was announced at the Budapest congress as the official language of the TAS / CAS

Training rights in football

This paper describes who has the right to receive training rights, what are the requirements, what are the amounts, the procedure, the body to resolve disputes and the prescription of action in Soccer

TAS / CAS Dispute Resolution Code

This is the regulation that governs all the lawsuits that are initiated in the Arbitration Court of sport, which is the appeal body recognized by FIFA

Novelty! Circular 1694 that improves the way of litigating in FIFA as of 11/01/19

We present our new book "Who does FIFA protect when it legislates?" with an exclusive and novel theme that covers the following topics:

Solidarity Mechanism

Training rights in football

Economic rights

International transfer of underage players

How to litigate in FIFA

Actualizado 18/11/2019

New sports law book (In Spanish)



Economic rights

Solidarity mechanisms

Training rights

How to litigate in FIFA

International transfer of minors

Training rights

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We are an organization that includes prominent lawyers who advise, diagnose and resolve conflicts in football either in appeals to the TAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport), transfer of players abroad, football contracts etc, our clients are mostly Representatives and players agents , institutions and footballers among others.

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